Building & Strengthening Serums

Antiox 18 Complex

A powerful blend of intelligent antioxidants including L-Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase, Resveratrol and Spin Trap help to reduce free radicals, inflammation and protect cells against future damage.  The biopeptide helps support healthy collagen and elastin, while giving skin a dramatic increase in firmness.

This formulation is a must have for normal, photo-aged skin.  It is great to cocktail with C-Peptide Complex or C-Stem Cell for additional benefits. 

Use caution on more reactive or sensitive skin as the complexity of the formulation may cause sensitivity and redness in the skin.  

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C-Stem Cell

A skin immunity boosting blend of 20% Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) and plant stem cells, help quench free radicals, repair damage, increase cellular protection and collagen synthesis.  Delivery of these powerful ingredients is provided through a phospholipid complex that also increases hydration. 

Excellent for all pro-youth skins, including sensitive. 

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C-Peptide Complex

20% L-Ascorbic Acid, the maximum amount the body can fully utilize, helps protect the skin against free radical damage.  L-Ascorbic Acid also has gentle tyrosinase inhibiting properties, making it great for brightening the complexion.  The peptide helps stimulate collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

We recommend alternating with C-Stem Cell so skin receives the benefits of Vitamin C + Peptides as well as Vitamin C + Stem Cells.      

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DNAge Reversal

A powerful blend of intelligent ingredients including stem cells, oceanic ingredients, antioxidants and amino acids deliver a healthy change to the skin.  Apple Stem Cells assist in promoting longevity in the skin, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  Oceanic ingredients help support oxygenation of the cells, stimulation of fibroblast activity, reduction of inflammation and stress on cellular function.  The Nano Technology delivers powerful antioxidants, amino acids and natural lipids to depleted skin.

An excellent choice for skin exposed to toxic environments including UV exposure and smoking as it increases oxygenation, decreases inflammation and leaves the skin with a healthy, pro-youth glow.

For skin excessively depleted due to UV exposure, smoking or toxic enviroments, this product may be recommended for two to three seasons to help repair damage and bring back a healthy glow. 

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Peptide Mito-Protect

A satin, silky texture with biomimetic peptides assist in stimulating collagen, smoothing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  The powerful spin trap antioxidant helps protect skin against harmful free radicals and the degradation of healthy collagen. 

Perfect for the morning, apply before makeup for a flawless-look.  Ideal formula for those with more reactive, sensitive pro-youth skin.  May be used as a spot treat or applied to areas of concern only. 

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Amino Peptide Serum

A potent blend of peptides, help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while repairing UV exposed damaged collagen in this elegant serum.  The benefits of natural moisturizing factors increase hydration in skin.  Skin will be firmed, smoothed and hydrated. 

Great for those looking to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, or just starting to notice them.  May be used as a spot treat or applied to areas of concern only. 

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Peptide 38

The ultimate peptide formulation using the most cutting-edge peptides in the industry.  This formula helps increase collagen and elastin, restore hyaluronic acid, addresses deep wrinkles, increases firmness.  The potent neuropeptide creates an anti-wrinkle effect in the skin. 

Due to the potency of this product we recommend introducing to skin by spot treating areas of fine lines, wrinkles and the neck.  An ideal formulation for those with advanced aging, typically in their mid to late 40’s and up.

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AGE less

Glycation impacts proteins and lipids within the entire body.  This occurs by sugar molecules attaching to the proteins and lipids, making the cells abnormal and vulerable.  Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE) in the skin is seen as collagen and elastin fibers become discolored, weak, stiff and malformed.  Skin will also experience an increate in vulerability to UV damage. 

This powerful blend of holistic antioxidants and stem cells will help strengthen and repair damaged cells, while increasing protection against future glycation and the vulnerability associated with AGEs. 

This is an excellent formulation to bring in seasonally when entering the 40’s.  For those who are smokers, poor diet, excessive UV exposure, it is recommend to use the product more frequently. 

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Vita 10 Complex

A nutrient concentrate with essential vitamins and amino acids that nourishes, soothes and hydrates the skin.  Ideal for stressed, depleted, smoker’s skin, heavily polluted areas or overprocessed due to aggressive treatments, excessive use of tretinoin, prescription-strength topicals and high percentages of AHA’s.

Think of this formula as a daily multi-vitamin for the skin.  Perfectly formulated to address the missing nutrients in the skin including L-Ascorbic Acid, B-Complex, Vitamin E and K, as well as amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, to help strengthen collagen and elastin support.  

We recommend using this product seasonally for those normal skin as a way of giving the skin a round of essential vitamins and nutrients.  Depleted skin may use more often for skin strengthening support. 

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Luminous Balancing Serum

Allow the free radical fighting benefits of grape seed oil help protect collagen and elastin.  This lightweight serum also contains progesterone making it perfect for those experiencing hormonal imbalances due to pre/post menopause.  Circulation and oxygenation are increased and skin feels soft and protected. 

May be used on its own or mixed into your favorite RA moisturizer for additional support. 

Pure Grape Seed Elixir

A refined grape seed oil with powerful antioxidant properties that minimize free radical damage, improving elasticity, strengthening the skin and promoting cellular renewal.  This serum has a smooth, hydrating texture that absorbs beautifully into the skin, providing deep hydration without the fear of being comedogenic. 

This is an excellent product to use on its own as a moisturizer, mix into Blushed Wine Gel or add a drop or two to your favorite RA moisturizer.

Pumpkin E Serum

Revive tired, dull, dry and lifeless skin with this concentrated blend of Vitamin E and pumpkin seed oil.  Boost skin immunity and oxygenation, increase cellular protection against free radicals,  reveal healthy, radiant skin! 

Recommend using as part of a weekly home treatment.  A few drops may be mixed into your favorite RA moisturizer for depleted, smoker’s skin.