Pro Youth skin will see amazing transformations with a precise and targeted approach. We focus on key areas that address the many factors that lead to aging:

  • Exfoliate from the inside, out
  • Replenish collagen, elastin, antioxidants and lipids
  • Stimulate energy and cell communication
  • Repair glycation, cellular dysfunction and DNA breakdown

Home care is where we see the most support for this skin, both preventative and corrective. However, we highly recommend keeping exfoliation in the treatment room.

A 90-day program is the key to seeing the greatest change in the skin! We recommend a combination of corrective facials and peels, especially if there are concerns regarding texture, fine lines and wrinkles. A program will consist of a minimum of 3 peels and 3-4 corrective facials, in addition to a solid Pro Youth home care regimen.

Our Pro Youth corrective facials focus on exfoliation through potent enzymes, infusing the skin with powerful antioxidants, repairing stem cells, firming peptides, hydrating- rich lipids and more. Skin feels soft, firmed and nourished!

Our Pro Youth peels will deliver the boost in exfoliation that kicks collagen and elastin synthesis into high gear! Incorporating powerful flower acids, TCA’s, red wine extract and collagen-synthesizing vitamin A, skin is left smoothed, refined and toned!

To learn more about a specific treatment path for your unique needs, please contact a specially-trained skin care practitioner. To find a location nearest you click here.