Ingredient Savvy

We are committed to excellence in the development of result-driven formulations. We blend the freshest, most active natural ingredients with highly beneficial, scientifically developed compounds to create a synergy of superior products.

Many ingredients throughout the line use the science of chirality, we are able to increasing the purity and efficacy, thus enhancing the functionality of these ingredients with the skin. For ingredients with a two molecular structure to be effective, they must be isolated to work with the appropriate isomers in our skin, rather than inundate it with both forms of isomers, which can lead to unwanted side effects or less results, this is the process of Chirality. Ingredients used in our formulations that have chirally corrected molecules are denoted by an (L) for the left or a (D or R) for the right. There is a huge distinction with an ingredient that is chirally corrected vs not, and we are committed to this process for optimal ingredient performance.

Our formulations contain no artificial coloring or artificial fragrance – essential oils and plant extracts product the aromas in our products. We are free from sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens and other toxic ingredients that may trigger irritations and sensitivities in the skin.

We only use premium ingredients, sourced from our most trusted global suppliers. Our ingredients have been refined to offer superior benefits. Ingredients have gone through rigorous testing, with certain ones earning verifications including organic and USP (United States Pharmacopia).

“No Animal Testing - Only Human Testing.” RA Cosmeceuticals and its affiliates are environmentally aware of the planet and endeavor to GO GREEN whenever possible.