Our Philosophy

Our Pro Youth -10 philosophy addresses all aspects of aging and is designed to help your skin AGE less!

  • Stimulate Energy and Cell Communication
  • Increase Cellular Turnover
  • Replenish Collagen, Elastin, Antioxidants and Lipids
  • Repair Glycation, Cellular Dysfunction and DNA Breakdown

Reverse and slow the signs of aging with our intelligent result focused formulations. Are you looking for the “Fountain of Youth”?

A healthy, skin strengthening home care regimen plays a primary role in achieving results!

Stimulate Energy and Cell Communication

Two areas that experience a significant decline as we age – energy and communication. Both are essential to perform daily cellular functions. If you don’t have cellular energy you can’t produce collagen & elastin as an example. Key ingredients like pyruvic acid, CoQ10 and niacinamide help rev up the cells' energy and communication for effective change!

Increase Cellular Turnover

A decrease in cellular turnover is a key factor in accelerating skin aging. As we look to increase cellular turnover with Pro Youth skin, it is critical to find balance. If we over exfoliate, we will essentially be going backwards in our effort to slow the aging process.

Pro Youth skin needs exfoliation, but in a healthy way. Research shows that by stimulating the fibroblast cells, we help increase the collagen & elastin of the skin, which helps reduce the signs of aging, while strengthening the epidermis cells. Our focus is to nourish the dermis with powerful retinaldehyde and peptide formulas which trigger a surge in fibroblast cell production. Gentle enzymes are also incorporated for skin with excessive buildup. Enzymes soften texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, revealing a more youthful-looking appearance.

Replenish Collagen, Elastin, Antioxidants and Lipids

The skin begins to lose antioxidants, lipids and collagen as we age, and the loss is accelerated by exposure to years of environmental damage. These elements are crucial to healthy skin and slowing down aging. Increase protection against stressors and UV damage by feeding the skin with potent antioxidants – vitamin C, vitamin E, superoxide dismutase, L-glutathione, green tea, resveratrol and others.

Restore the lipid barrier function with lipid-mimicking ingredients like organic macadamia nut oil, omega essential fatty acids and grape seed oil to help create a hydrated, healthy glow. Finally, replenish the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin by boosting development with cutting-edge peptides and retinaldehyde formulations. The skin sees a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and an increase in volume and firmness.

Repair Glycation, Cellular Dysfunction and DNA Breakdown

Our environment, foods and body health all play a major role in how the skin ages. DNA begins to create more and more errors as we are aging. Bringing in ingredients to repair DNA damage will significantly aid in the health of the skin. Glycation support can be a missing link to many pro youth regimens. We focus on adding vital stem cells like plantain leaf, lilac, gardenia and edelweiss to bring a healthy glow and restore skin.

It is important when selecting a regimen to address each of these aging components. Many of our intelligent formulations have multi functions and crossover ability all to slow down aging and restore the skin to a more youthful appearance!

Rebuild, revive and rejuvenate Pro Youth skin!