Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the most researched and effective ingredient for Pro Youth skin! The health and abundance of collagen and elastin is a vital component for slowing down the signs of aging. Vitamin A is a key ingredient that the body needs to build more collagen and elastin.

Vitamin A does not stay stored in the body longer than 24 hours, so it is important to consume foods high in vitamin A content and apply a vitamin A product to the skin nightly.

Retinol and retinaldehyde are the most effective forms of vitamin A for skin application. They both convert to retinoic acid which is the form of vitamin A that the body recognizes and uses to create more collagen and elastin.


All of the natural and synthetic derivatives of vitamin A (also called all-trans retinol) are included in a group known as retinoids. Retinoids have many important biologic effects: they regulate growth and differentiation of epithelial cells, diminish malignant cell growth, decrease inflammation, and enhance the immune system. Vitamin A works by normalizing skin functions, so it has the potential to correct all skin conditions.


As a Pro Youth agent, vitamin A thickens and stimulates the dermis (where collagen, elastin and blood vessels are located), reducing wrinkles and increasing the blood flow to skin. Vitamin A also works to increase the deposition of collagen, slowing the normal aging breakdown of collagen and elastin and thereby plumping and toning the skin.



  • Normalizes blood flow and reduces rosacea symptoms
  • Increases the rate of wound healing
  • Exfoliates – making skin smooth and even-toned
  • Supports the skin’s immune system
  • Repairs the cellular structure of the epidermis – optimizing UV protection
  • Promotes a healthy cellular membrane
  • Firms and strengthens the skin’s outer layer
  • Helps in the eradication of pre-cancerous skin lesions
  • Improves the skin’s natural moisturizing factor for a radiant glow

In a study by Dr. Boisnic and fellow workers (published in the journal Dermatology in 1999), the ability of retinaldehyde was looked at to reverse skin damage induced by UVA radiation. The researchers concluded that it exhibited "many of the properties of tretinoin (trans-retinoic acid) in its biological and beneficial effects on photo-aging, "improving dermal connective tissue by boosting" repair of elastic fibers and reversing collagen alteration induced by UVA exposure."

By using encapsulation, we have been able to increase shelf life and improve delivery in our vitamin A formulations, generating stellar Pro Youth benefits to the skin with little irritation. A great choice for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and the ultimate wrinkle-reducing topicals for skin care today!