Pro Youth/Pigmentation Home Peel

This home care peel is perfect to keep your skin younger-looking, soft and radiant when you can’t make time for a professional peel.  It is vital to use the Skin Rehab post care provided and only do this peel every 14 days – making sure skin has completely healed and rejuvenated.  We use the power of pumpkin to brighten and plump away fine lines, while AHA’s soften and smooth cellular buildup.

System Includes:
Pumpkin Lactic Cleanse 30ml
Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme 30ml
Mandelic Rejuvenator 15ml
Skin Smoothing Gel 15ml
Retinol Supreme 15ml
Calming Milk Cleanse 30ml
HA20 Spritz 30ml
Growth Factor Serum 10ml
Omega 7 Complex 15ml
Not available for purchase outside US


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