Pro Youth/Pigmentation Home Peel

This home care peel is perfect to keep your skin soft and even during this time of quarantine. It is important to use the Skin Rehab post care provided and only do this peel every 10-14 days - making sure skin is completely healed and has time to rejuvenate. If you peel too closely together, you will interrupt the healing process. We use the power of pumpkin to brighten and plump away fine lines and AHA’s to soften and loosen cells. The perfect at-home, go-to peel for younger, radiant-looking skin.

System Includes:
Pumpkin Cleanser (30mL)
Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme (15mL)
Mandelic Arginine Serum (15mL)
Skin Smoothing Gel (15mL)
Retinol Supreme (15mL)
Creamy Milk Cleanser (30mL)
Cucumber Spritz (30mL)
Growth Factor Serum (10mL)
Infuse 7 (15mL)
Not available for purchase outside US