Enzymes & Masks


This liquefying gommaging enzyme is an exellent choice for all skin!  Easy to use and gentle as the pineapple and papaya extracts gently digest at the cellular buildup found on so many.  Both key ingredients have gently enzymatic properties that reveal softer, smoother skin. 

May be used on it’s own or for clients who are not receiving regular corrective treatments, may opt to use the Derma Peel and after this product has bond together, apply a thin layer of Cherry Jubilee Enzyme over top to further boost exfoliation properties.  

Papaya Tangerine Enzyme

A versatile enzyme formulated with fine grains from the Diatomaceuous Earth combined with Papaya extract to help gently lift and digest away at cellular buildup, revealing a softer, smoother texture.  The Goat Milk helps balance this formulation and leave the skin feeling hydrated. 

When using this product at home, recommend the client applying it and then allowing the steam from the shower or bath to further activate the ingredients. 

Cherry Jubilee Enzyme

This mild exfoliant is rich in polyphenols and flavanoids – known as antioxidants - derived from Resveratrol, Grape Seed and Sweet Cherry extracts.  Bromelain Extract and L-Lactic Acid work together to help loosen and digest away at cellular buildup.  Skin is left softened, firmed and toned due to the pro-youth formulation.   

For more reactive or sensitive skin, we recommend applying a light layer of Grape Seed Hydrating Serum on before applying the Cherry Jubilee Enzyme

Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme

Pumpkin Fruit Extract helps reduce cellular build-up and deliver many nutrients into the skin including antioxidants, zinc and salicylic components.  Pumpkin is also well-known for its collagen synthesis properties, making it ideal skin!

This is a very active enzyme and not recommended for all Pro-Youth skin.  Make sure your client has the approproiate thickness – recommend trying in the treatment before recommending for home care use.  May opt to mix with a small amount of Milk Mask to reduce activity.   

Grape Seed Antiox Mask

A creamy, cooling mask that delivers key antioxidants and hydration to skin.  A shea-butter base offers optimal hydration for drier skin and combined with the hydrating, antioxidant support of Grape Seed Extract furthers this hydration. 

Potent antioxidants from Resveratrol, Grape Seed Extract and D-Alpha Tocopherol help fight free radicals, protecting against degradation of collagen and elastin. 

Chocolate Antiox Mask

Antioxidants are a vital nutrient for Pro-Youth, Photo-Aged skin and this mask delivers.  Cocoa extract not only infuses skin with potent polyphenols to protect against cellular damage, but this ingredient helps detoxify skin, create a “happy” mood through the enticing aroma. 

Camu Camu and Acai Fruit deliver powerful antioxidants, while stimulating tissue regeneration and restoring skin elasicity, increasing firmness and toning. 

Boost antioxidants and firming properties by mixing Chocolate Antioxidant Mask with Cherry Jubilee Enzyme and apply over a layer of Grape Seed Hydrating Serum.  

Instant Lift Mask

An organic protein-based powder that helps firm and tighten skin when mixed with our Natural Youth Lotion.  This powerful mask delivers results that last up to 3-days, making it ideal for special occassions.

Great to use on its own or add a pump or two of Amino Peptide Serum or Peptide 38 to further increase firming and toning support in the skin.