Natural Mineral Matte Crème

Infused with essential nutrients and antioxidant support for truly healthy coverage, IllumiColour Matte Crème provides a natural synergy that protects skin while delivering the perfect balance of cover and color. This is a great choice for a fresh complexion following any professional treatment or to recommend as part of any daily skin regimen for more problematic skin or those wanting less shine.

Available in five different colors and a base adjuster:

Wisp - skins with a lighter pink undertone

Bliss - skins with a lighter golden undertone

Enlighten - skins with a neutral warm undertone

Muse - skins with a medium warm undertone

Moonlight - skins with a darker ebony undertone

Revise - is a porcelain base adjuster to lighten any of IllumiColours for a lighter customized finish