PM Retinol Redux

Maximize your skin’s potential with our unique repair cream - formulated just for men. PM Retinol Redux offers a safe and easy approach to younger, healthier-looking skin using raw organics, powerful antioxidants, and retinol to penetrate the skin; minimizes wrinkles, balances oil, increases hydration and brightens skin tone.  

Recommended Use:
Cleanse skin thoroughly and blot dry. Apply an even amount of PM Radical Redux to face and neck. Smooth in and let remain on skin overnight. Avoid eyelids and undereye tissue. Do not use during the day and avoid direct sunlight – always wear an SPF for daytime protection while using any retinol formulation. If skin becomes too sensitive or starts to peel, discontinue use until peeling is complete or sensitivity has abated and follow with ReCharge Gel. Use will vary from nightly to 2-3 times a week. Always follow the guidance of your skin care professional while on this product.