Unveil Your BODY Glow


Give Mom a reason to slip into something silky.  Relieve tension while reviving dry, dull skin to unveil a beautiful, glowing body and touch-ably soft skin. This body duo makes a great gift recommendation for any woman in need of a little rejuvenation and pampering!

With a sweet touch perfect for dry, tired skin, our high-end body scrub gently exfoliates without causing stress to the skin.  A soothing, brown sugar exfoliator that simply melts into skin, this is a great scrub to use in a steamy shower or hot, relaxing bath. Follow up with nourishing relief as the body is enveloped in our velvety, hydrating balm -  indulgence at its best!

Products Included:

  • Brown Sugar Scrub 240ml
  • Nurture Balm 120ml